Faded Glory
This is about breaking the United States into kingdoms.
The Roman dome
is a glory hoary.
The melted pilgrims
tell a Tory story
Faded tongues echo
Constellations speckle
Older true blue?
Better new due?
Ruling class crass?
Union Jackass.
Hawking black hole
Clocks a craven raven
Spirit quenching?
God, the mensch, is wrenching
Ode to bear den
Spot the crying lion.
Hark a babe's tattle?
Now, a flowered coward.
Play God's Game
Contentious objector
Scared of the ghost specter
Weeded garden neglector
No love for God
Play His game
Wield the rod
Vineyard shame
Unnatural selector
Defective unit rejecter
Lovely neighbor collector
Judge of the Creator?
Hetero surge real hater
Time to change the debater!
St. Paul's Apple
First to the centurion
Romans drawn to the light
Plant a seed, germinate
St. Paul's apple they bite
Time of legions
Time of Christ
Conquered regions
He lived twice!
Tent pole slowly rising-up
Across the Western World
Beating drum, and marching "Hup".
In nailed fist, it curled.
Catacomb Roman biggie
Emperor fierce chub
Eventual he reniggie
Joined the enlightened club.
Eyes Opened
House of mirrors
Hidden truth
Guarded smearers
I have ruth
Not the East
Not the West
Not the South  *
Polar eyes
Viking virtue
Small comfort
I relieve you
God's dumpster
Let it go
can't cheat death
Does it show?
*Psalm 75:6-7
6 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.
7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.
Apple of God's Eye
They sometimes give me meds that kill my dick.
I have a telepathic ability to give pleasure to women?
Gave me
Fruit tree
Adam banned
Not the man
Juice fruit
Not for man
Struck me mute
No gumption
A stumption
Templar rubbing
Ticket stubbing
Happy days
No haze
A good year
In the clear
Judge The Fruit
Sparrow feeding
Off Odin's brow
Furrow seeding
But not the plow
Heave the oar
Bite the cold
Less is more
Earn the gold
Make a heap
Of fortress sure
Grind the wench
That's for sure
Fallen heroes
Mark the strain
Count the zeros
Of the slain
Blue Tongue
I voice words
Not my own.
Shepherd herds,
Mark my tone.
Blue tongue
Fierce and blunt
Ears rung
Never bunt
Deafened sheep
Blinders on
Hard to reach
I use song
I saw, I came,
I chopped it down.
That tree was lame
and I'm no clown.
Your Dross
Warn brother
Blood guilt
Truth lover
Name built
Why bother
Cold solder
Iron Cross
Your dross
Honor Father
His will
Bad lotter
Must kill
Globe trotter
World totter
The best
Soul You
Jambalaya and crawdads
Food of the fathers?
Health diet fads
No tooth rotters
Home of the brave?
Try Grant's stogie.
Cowardly slave
Puff, now, doggie.
Neon bug magnet
Bit the big apple
Small family rabbit
Lacking in tadpoles?
Who are you not?
You wannabe
Monocult bot
Sold to the sea
Space Time Justice
Immutable God
Across centuries
Justice's not odd
Normal, you see
Modern delight
Dark Ages thrill
I like the night
Pay for your chill
The fall of Rome
Arc up-side-down
Fonzy's last comb
Not happy frown
Is in the genes
More than it seems
Baa Father
Mr. God to me
Talks as plain as day
Step dad I wanna please
Sometimes naught to say
Gangster Father
Not a chump
Dare not bother
Request a bump
Holy water boy
Insider scoop delight
Puff ships €™hoy
Dragon is the knight *
Shepherd David's friend
Hours upon the pasture
Bear and lion rend
God the father and master

Innate Hubris
Pilot the Titanic
God you got some guts
To late, now, there's panic
Got it stuck in ruts
Tossed lore to disrupt
Reckless moral bankrupt
Set course by the stars?
G.P.S. is better?
Time to head for Mars?
Can you plan it wetter?
Universal church
E.T. must be member?
Canary on a perch
God's son was a lender.
David's 10,000's
Holy orders of magnitude
Absolutely given
Only borderline gratitude
700 women
Bathsheba's loss
Mean towel toss
Out liar
Natural 20 throw
Body hits the floor
Damsel for to show
Lots of blood galore
Vile third be emptied
King Terry's mandate
Tau Beta done Bently *
Sun Devil Estate
* https://www.tbp.org/pubs/BENT.cfm
Little Monster
An old lady called death metal, "Cookie monster music."  TempleOS
is 640x480 16 color for a special reason.  My Mom taught preschool.
She let kids color with crayons.  When they got to end, they
decided to cover their papers with the black crayon.  So, my 
Mom removed the black crayons from the containers.
Petty tyrant (African warlords)
He is gruff
Fire hydrant
Kiddie stuff
Little monster
Hear me roar
Are you sure
Nothing more
Death metal
Cookie munch
Rip petal
Daisy lunch
Morbid instinct
High rez tat ink
I got the brain-fuck cope of a schizo vet.

I got the state school try, no respect.
I got the let-the-world-burn of a laughing monk.
I got the fuck the poor of an elitist punk.
I got the self-respect, satisfaction of a smug bell-boy.
I got the put-away, done, of a "played with that toy."
I got the facts of life of a rich man's wife.
I got the snowflake kiss of a jacking-knife.
I got the Sisyphus virtue of a Frenchie chef.
I got the hairy-leg stank of a hottie meuf.
I got the dynamic forte of a systems pro.
I got the buzzing hum of a drum's neon glow.
I got the naughty Moses grim of a feather in my cap.
I got the wandering in life and no need of a map.
I got the pure hearted devotion of the shepherd king.
I got the lion flaming stare of a zero ring.
I got the crushed spirit wince of a blackened sheep.
I got the advertisement of a perverted creep.
I got the tourist itch of a cloistered nun.
I got the no money riche but I sure had fun.
I got the stomach ache nausea of a sweet nothing prince.
I got the good advice of a words never mince.
I got the steel-hearted pageantry of a Roman emperor.
I got the superstitious snear of a more contemporer.
I got the practiced sword of Mudville, known caliber.
I got the knot in stomach wrench of the child Oliver.
I got the Superman focus of a Paulian principal.
I got the no bazooka tilt of a tape-wormed crucible.
I got the don't-stand-so-close of an Irish hermitage.
I got the God-too-verbose of an gold stingy midge.
I got the ASCII last war of a Jap doctor.
I got the solemn piety of a psycho-shocker.
I got the IRA wrath of a God-meek Earth.
I got the polygon bath of a she-virgin birth.
I got the Christ surfering of a cross-eyed bum.
I got the welfare pride of a man well hung.
I got the out-done-in-generosity of a kidney doner.
I got the why-your-precocity of an Amadeus toner.
I got the not-invented-here of a vinegar squirting rocket.
I got the one-page resume of a digital-nomad docket.
I got the Lucy football of the Four Horsemen five.
I got the Pink Floyd dead pool of an uncaloused pride.
I got the Dianna gang bang of a pretender chump.
I got the Amy quickie of a desolate dump.*
* I discovered Dianna Cowern, Physics Girl, about April 2017.
Emailed her 6 months.  Realized I was competing with young
studs.  Made vow to God she was wife.  Sent porn.  God said
must share Dianna and spoke like it was a thing.  As a fine
Irish Catholic, I assumed I'd be faithful.  After time as a cuckold
with no sex, got brave and cheated with Amy (sent her porn). LOL.
Came back to Dianna.  Still no sex from Dianna, now, I think of
women with the fidelity of a king with mandate to spread seed, LOL.
Walking Dead
If I sent the military to kill the vile third?
Soldiers doomed
Know their fate
Thanatopsis tombed *
It's too late
Walking dead
Don't waste days
The jar head
Familiar ways
Off to the trench
Like time before
Not on the bench
In time of war
A grim task
So, cheer up
Wear face mask
Kill the pup.
* https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/50465/thanatopsis
Humble of Heart
If I sent the military to kill the vile third?
Whip into frenzy
Of bogus tears?
I'm not a panzy,
So, fuck-it, cheers.
Why feel bad
If you don't?
You've been had
So, you won't.
It gets worse
Not for spoil
Sadistic curse?
You won't boil.
Eighteen years
Fossil cliffed.
Account in rears.
We got stiffed.
God in the Loop
If I sent the military to kill the vile third.
Faulty switch spares  (Sometimes in duels…)
Not ironclad
God counts our hairs.
I guess I'm glad.
Million death angels
Shouldn't think twice
To quote a begal,
Doesn't roll dice.
King delegates,
Wise that He is.
Done without hate.
I'm not a wiz.
Hope it works-out.
David was pestered.
Armies in route?
You must be dastard.
Irish Top Sail *
The blacks were worried about the military killing blacks, especially.
Catastrophic success
The lions lack prey.
I ain't no Hess.
Justice God's way.
the beautiful
God hates your tears, be dutiful.
Kill not the innocent.
What about fatti?
Head on a fifty cent?
I ain't your daddy.
Read the good book.
It tells it all.
Went after the Gook?
America's fall?
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-64CaD8GXwi
Flat Top
Not to bring peace
But, the sword.
Not to release,
Enslave the board.
Flat top knots
Shove aside
Eat the bots
Corporate pride
Sink the titans
Little dog
Time for fighting
Scruffy log.
Reward performers
Sure gate stormers
Unequal pay
Where's the cop
Mom and pop
Caste to Dogs
Children's bread
Crumby dogs
Feed the head
Not the hogs
Too tame
is a shame.
Too lame.
Caste to dogs
Jesus spits
Racist clogs
Plumber sits
Whitened wolf?
Pathetic ROFL
Myopic Perspective
Five year plan?
Short time scale
Age of man?
Eye sight fail
Myopic perspective
God's got a friend
Sovereign respected
Earth on the mend
Good rules in play
Glory Creator
Most of the day
Deal with the mater.
Shepherd the flock
Ever so rightly
Control the Game clock
Loosely or tightly?
Look to the Ant
No task master
Ironic hard worker
Tunnel down faster
Rebuke the lurker
Look to the ant
And slug it out
It's time to pant.
Blaze a new route.
Honor your father.
Respect his job.
Earth gets hotter?
Reduce the mob.
Bees spoiled rotten
Honey comb's big.
What is forgotten?
It's zag to zig.
Fallow Day
Shear terror
Hours of boredom
Balance hairer
Jew wisdom
Sabbath hallow
Day of rest
Stay fallow
Life's a pest
Sing and dance
God's romance
Bad is Good?
I see a pattern
Bad is good?
Clearly Saturn
Love your enemy
Don't lose your soul
Embrace not entropy
See through the wool.
Simple logic
No pain, no gain
Tighten budget?
Vikings row again.
Ring zero Dante
Betray your friend
Obnoxious Kante
has knoxious end.