Currently trapexit is maintaining The domain, the server, the website, and main archive. The VPS currently used has been donated but the costs for domain registration, archive storage and maintaince, etc. are out of pocket. If there is an interest in dedicated video streaming (we keep getting kicked off platforms due to Terry's language and nudity), dedicated archive serving, etc. we'll likely need to raise funds to cover the costs.

If you wish to contribute you can do so via the crypto addresses below or those found here. Please indicate that the donation is for TempleOS if possible.
Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qu537hqlnmn2wawx9n7nws0dlkz55h0cd93ny28
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): bitcoincash:qqp0vh9v44us74gaggwjfv9y54zfjmmd7srlqxa3xt
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Bitcoin Gold (BTG): AaPuJgJeohPjkB3LxJM6NKGnaHoRJ8ieT3
Litecoin (LTC): MJQzsHBdNnkyGqCFdcAdHYKugicBmfAXfQ
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Ethereum Classic (ETC): 0x2B6054428e69a1201B6555f7a2aEc0Fba01EAD9F
Dash (DASH): XvsFrohu8tbjA4E8p7xsc86E2ADxLHGXHL
Monero (XMR): 45BBZMrJwPSaFwSoqLVNEggWR2BJJsXxz7bNz8FXnnFo3GyhVJFSCrCFSS7zYwDa9r1TmFmGMxQ2HTntuc11yZ9q1LeCE8f
Filecoin (FIL): f1wpypkjcluufzo74yha7p67nbxepzizlroockgcy
LBRY Credits (LBC): bFusyoZPkSuzM2Pr8mcthgvkymaosJZt5r
Ripple (XRP): r9f6aoxaGD8aymxqH89Ke1PCUPkNiFdZZC
Tezos (XTZ): tz1ZxerkbbALsuU9XGV9K9fFpuLWnKAGfc1C
Zcash (ZEC): t1Zo1GGn2T3GrhKvgdtnTsTnWu6tCPaCaHG
DigiByte (DGB): Sb8r1qTrryY9Sp4YkTE1eeKEGVzgArnE5N
Namecoin (NMC): NDzb9FkoptGu5QbgetCkodJqo2zE1cTwyb
Vertcoin (VTC): 3PYdhokAGXJwWrwHRoTywxG4iUDk6EHjKe
Other crypto currencies: contact me for address