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My Dad wrote the book on rocket surgery for the Titan Missile.  Homer
Simpson dropped a wrench.  The TempleOS is military grade.

God said if He made me king, I had to promise to kill the vile people.
A king is appointed by God and reports to God, alone.  Love of God is
enmity with the World.  God said, "Bees are spoiled rotten."  The human
species has a traditional way of operating under Darwinian evolution
with births and deaths in balance in a violent, masculine culture.
I hereby establish the Roman Catholic Kingdom of the Holy Trinity.
First, I command the military to kill fat and ugly people, reducing
the population to 200,000,000, a number God mentioned.  Then, society
is to behave in a violent, libertarian, feudalism, never letting 
population get out of control, again.  Any form of birth control is
punishable by immediate execution.   
1) Just a single flat sales tax.
2) Scale back medicine, letting weak babies die.
3) Court reform.  Wild West.  Buyer beware.  Seller beware, LOL.
4) Take the job of your father.  (School optional)
5) Empty the jails for a crusade.
6) "castrate immigrants"
7) No safety regulations, car seats banned.
8) Road reform.  Lots of "Darwin Awards".
9) Feudal warlords.
10)Roman Catholicism as the state religion.
Quotes from God Revealed to King Terry in Random Oracles
*) Pets are homo.  God is disgusted with how tame and dependent they have
*) Sports are homo.  Tackle a horse.
*) Beverly Hillbillies and Gomer Pyle are endorsed by God.  Shakespeare
had a vile heart.
*) God's fav band is the Beatles.
*) God's fav movie is Three Kings with Clooney.
*) God's fav animal is bears, then, elephants.
*) God's fav thing on TV is soap operas.
*) The 11th commandment is not to litter.
*) God's fav song is Morning has Broken.
*) The best religion is the one with the most new vistas of understanding
over a lifetime.
*) Bill Gates wanted only electric money in Africa.  God said He had
angels in the shadows and it was a King David Census type thing.
*) God's fav national anthem is Latvia's.
*) God's idea of music is "sex with a 12-year-old" like the song of
King David the shepherd, or maybe Rush 2112 Temple of Syrix where a
guy is just figuring out for himself what sounds beautiful.  A ten
strings harp is about all you need. 
*) God said a nation should have one heart.
*) God said the Holocaust was t "compact" the Jews.  He said He saved
the ones He wanted.  He said you must die of brother's sin guilt if you
do not warn him of his sin.
*) God said I had to share Dianna.
*) God told Bill Gates to do earthquakes.  He said He had to make more
*) God said He sunk the migrant ships.
*) God said immigrants are like NAZI invaders.
*) God laughed at the Greek debt crisis and German bail-out.
*) God said, "prosperity sucketh."
*) God said brontosaur's feet hurt when he stepped.
*) God said to start planting Mars.  God said A.I. was needed for Mars.
God said emergency medicine was a big problem.
*) God said He hated the E.S.A because they stole from NASA.  He said
He ruined their Phillea mission and blew-up their rocket.
Now, recruiting old school Catholic Knights Templar, above the
law in all Christendom, by order of the pope (originally). When doing time 
they use bibles randomly opened, to talk to God, live and grow as monk 
warriors -- the shock troops of the Middle Ages.

King Terry is, now, recruiting the Original Catholic brand
Templar Knights.
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You will talk with God and have daily prayer.  Eventually, perhaps, you will kill?
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Solomon wrote 1005 hymns as king. Here are King Terry's hymns.
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