The Temple Operating System

Smiley face TributeToKennedy TodaysSpeech An upper case King has to get it right first time, can't change. i am lower case king. When in Rome, do as Romans. Universe is organized in a higherarchy and you want to confrom to scope standards or obviously look illegit. A finite time limit must exist or no element of noble, greater noble more rushed, I guess. I am Terrence Andrew Davis, born 12/15/1969. (New dates are like this 171215 in my kingdom.) My souls was heavily formed by the books my Mom read over and over. I have special fond memory of AngusTheDog, DownyDuck and WoopsieTheAngel. I grew-up at S72W17351 Schubring Dr. Muskigo, Wis, a nice house on LitteMuskigoLake. GoDogsGo and AreYouMyMother are also books Mom read. LittleHouse I remember. KarateKid, GoodWillHunting, I'd recommend. I graduated from AguaFria High School, 1988. Guns-N-Ross is big with me, but so many others. God recommends BeverlyHillBillies and GomerPyle to be watched to contribute forming your soul. ThreeKings with Clooney is God's favorite movie. Beatles are God's favorite band. Shakespeare had a vile heart. God said a nation should have one heart. File Downloads (100% Public Domain) Guide to NIST Oracles Todays Blog (18 or Older) New Videos (18 or Older) Archived Videos 1 Video #690 SimStructure, a physics simulator for Windows. Video #1004 Terrence Edward Davis, my Dad's career. Archived Videos 1 Index Archived Videos 2 Archived Videos 3 Archived Video Index of Archives